Sugar Stash Dash - A Fun Run For Type One

Wow, what a year it has been! Let’s be honest 2020 has not been easy to say the least!  COVID has left me out of my groove, indoors too much and away from many of the activities I love!!  Which is why when friends approached me about putting together a virtual run I was all in!  I’m uber excited to announce our little "project" for Diabetes Awareness Month in November has come to fruition!  

Please join us for the first annual Sugar Stash Dash - A Fun Run For Type 1.  This will be a virtual event and all profits will be donated directly to JDRF, the leader in funding research and advocating for people living with T1D.  Wine About Diabetes, is a huge supporter of JDRF, as the members of our group are all affected personally by T1D.  Our goal with this virtual race is to raise not only awareness , but also raise vital funds that go towards researching a cure so that we can help turn Type One into Type None.

Our event will run the month of November. You set the goal for yourself!  Over a 30-day period you can run or walk, a marathon (26.2 miles), a ultra marathon (50.2 miles) or challenge yourself to the 100.2 mile endurance race.  

Log your miles within the website software and earn some great Sugar Stash swag to commemorate your accomplishments. 

Even better, you can kick off the event by including miles you walk or run for the JDRF Virtual OneWalk, which will be on 11/1/2020.  Anyone who signs up for the JDRF One Walk will receive a 10% discount for the Sugar Stash Dash.  Contact us for more details at:

This event is welcome for all ages, young and old, walkers, runners and crawlers too.  Log your miles, post your accomplishments, and tag us on your favorite social media Sites: @WineAboutDiabetes.  Be sure to include the hashtag #SugarStashDash so we can follow along as well!

Lets raise a glass and celebrate together as we run, walk and Wine About Diabetes... every step gets us closer to a cure.  Sign up today at