Wine About Diabetes

Wine About Diabetes is a “support group”, for women living with Type One Diabetes (T1D).  What started out as a small gathering around a kitchen counter has grown into a community of women who are fearlessly fighting T1D daily.  Our monthly gatherings provide a safe place to share our experiences with Type One Diabetes, and learn from each other so that we can better navigate our own journeys with this condition.  Our motto is to learn, grow, thrive, educate and feed our souls until there is a cure. 

With this motto in mind, this past year we have created a non-profit organization called Fearlessly Fighting T1D so we can further our mission to help improve the lives of those living with Type One.  Funds raised through our organization will be donated to organizations such as JDRF, who have dedicated their mission to funding vital research for Type One.

Having a chronic condition such as diabetes, specifically Type One, is difficult because there are no outward symptoms or signs that you have a chronic illness.  Unless someone lives with this condition or cares for someone who does, it is difficult to fully understand the daily investment it takes both physically and emotionally.  Our goal is to help people connect and not feel alone in this journey. Through those connections, and through the money we raise on behalf of organizations such as JDRF, we hope to improve the lives of those living with T1D.

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