Welcome to Wine About Diabetes!

Wine About Diabetes Owner - Jennie Park

Have you ever felt like you had a calling?  Something deep inside of you, poking at you, always there, always on your mind.  Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at a the age of 7, and now 34.5 years later, I feel like I am walking the walk, I have an understanding, a passion that I need to share, that would almost be selfish if I didn't.  I've had the highs and lows, I've tried the diets, I've lived on shots, pens, pumps, CGMs. I've had babies, worked corporate jobs, and started my own business...I have an understanding of my fellow T1Ds frustrations and sacrifice's as well as their accomplishments and victories, just because I am a member of this T1D family. 

No one can outwardly see my condition unless my pump or CGM is visible, which even that doesn't mean anything.  It is easy to feel alone in your space, as if no one else understands....  I'm here to say, we are not alone.  There is a community of us living with T1D that are here for each other, and I want to be involved and help that community thrive. 

I started Wine About Diabetes, to create a safe community, where we all understand.  Where we can share our experiences, triumphs and frustrations, where we can support each other.  My goal is that you will find some fun, functionality and tid bits of helpful information in my site that help you navigate your path of T1D.   So please join me as we "wine" about diabetes.  Share your experiences, share your wins, share your frustrations, and I will do the same.  We are not alone.