Wine About Diabetes Featured on Fearlessly Facing Fifty

A few months back I had reached out to my cousin, Amy Schmidt, who is the founder of the blog/podcast Fearlessly Facing Fifty.  I was super impressed by her content and how she had created such an amazing and inspirational site in such a short time. I reached out and we got to talking and she asked if I would have interest in being on her podcast to talk about T1D and Wine About Diabetes.  Of course, I quickly replied with an "ABSOLUTELY", and then after I hung up froze. I asked myself, "Do I have the authority to offer insight?  There are others who seem to have this diabetes thing all figured out and I'm walking through life on the daily trying to find answers!!!"  But I had to stop and remind myself that was why I started Wine About Diabetes.  I started this support group because there are so many of us, trying to figure it out.  Needing to connect with others that understand that not everyday is going to be perfect, and that is okay.  I'm not a medical professional, and I don't pretend to be, but living with a condition 24/7 for 36 years teaches you something.   Talk about a Cannonball moment...(check out Amy's new book: Cannonball Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond)

I was notified that tomorrow the podcast will drop on her site. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement, asking myself, did I sound okay, did I make sense?!  I've already replayed our conversation over in my head a hundred times.  I've had a couple of  "oh Sh*&%... " when Amy asked if I had a family tie to diabetes and I responded with I have a few cousins that also have it, but otherwise no!  UMMM Hello, I obviously didn't have my 10th cup of coffee that morning because my uncle, my mom's brother, (and Amy's husbands uncle), had diabetes, and really struggled (going blind, amputation, and unfortunately he died from heart complications).  I still remember at age 12, after he passed, asking my parents "is that going to happen to me?!"  That was a pivotal point early in my T1D life that really shaped what I DID NOT want to happen, and why I have tried to live my life to the fullest, and not let diabetes stop me.  But I regress... 

Second "Oh Sh*&%" moment was when Amy asked if there were people who influenced/inspired me along my journey.  This was the "acceptance speech" moment when all the people who have been there for me over the years flash through my mind and then it goes blank.  I talked about my friends and how they have really pushed me, which is 100% true.  However, if I didn't mentioned my parents, for instilling in me I can do anything, and my husband for supporting me over the years, I would be re missed.  They are my rocks, my touchstones, that I go back to after every high and low. 

With this being said, there are plenty of "Oh Sh*&%" moments that occur when you're on the spot, so like my diabetes and Wine About Diabetes, I have to remember that it's not perfect, and that's OK. 

The premise of Wine About Diabetes is to connect, learn, grow and feed our souls until there is a cure.  Connecting with my fellow T1D counterparts is refreshing for my soul and I hope for theirs as well.  I hope that by spreading the message about T1D and my 36 years experience will help others navigate the waters of living with this chronic condition as well.  We can do this alone, but why, when you can "Wine" with your T1D Friends!  Listen to the full episode by clicking here

Thank you again to Amy and Fearlessly Facing Fifty for the opportunity to shed light on living with T1D.